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Join the unstoppable media revolution of Decentralized Content. Freedom from censorship.


The snglsDAO will be the non-profit governance layer of the SNGLS Protocol. It will be established by SingularDTV as an independent and objective organization to guide the development of the SNGLS Protocol. Its number one objective will be to uphold the tenets of decentralization and instill them into the programming of the protocol.

Decentralized entertainment industry


Read our whitepaper to learn more about the SNGLS Protocol, tokenomics around the adaptive protocol, architecture of the Content Mining mechanism, and the snglsDAO.


SNGLS Media Distribution Protocol

The protocol is a P2P torrent network. The system takes media files and creates torrents out of them. Those torrents are then hashed to the content creator's Ethereum wallet address. Allowing for a decentralized distribution protocol that has trustless payment rails built in with no need for a trusted third party.


DAO: Decentralized Autonomous Organization

The snglsDAO is a governance layer that wraps the protocol in a censorship resistant mechanism we call content mining. The DAO is run and governed by the community, who controls the parameters of the protocol.

Launch the DAO


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Download the DApp on Breaker.io


TV Network in a Box

For Users:

EtherVision is our open source user interface that will allow users to interact with the protocol without having to touch the legacy banking world. Users will be able to upload and process content into the protocol along with paying and watching content all while only using Crypto.

For Developers:

EtherVision will be entirely open source, allowing developers to come in and work on a user interface that can interact with the protocol and will be easily integrated with other projects in the Web3 space. This will allow easy access to the base layer of the decentralized entertainment industry.


SingularDTV logo

2 OCT 2016
SingularDTV founded

In October 2016, $7.5m in ETH was raised for the original scope of the MVP and devised the blue-print for the ignition of a decentralized entertainment industry.

Breaker logo

31 JAN 2019
Breaker.io Launched

The launch of Breaker.io proves that rights management of entertainment IP on the blockchain was possible and more efficient than the legacy system and that this IP and/or its usage rights could be distributed to audiences around the world via a distribution portal.


3 SEP 2019
snglsDAO Whitepaper Released

The whitepaper elaborates the important concepts of the snglsDAO, Content Mining, an adaptive platform, SNGLS Media Distribution Protocol and more.

1 NOV 2019
Website Launched

Official snglsDAO website has been launched.

2020 Q2
SGT Airdrop to SNGLS Hodlers & DAO Launch

We will be airdroping SGT to SNGLS hodlers and giving everyone who has SNGLS 1:1 on a TBA date. The DAO and the airdrop will be released near the end of the Q2 2020.

2021 Q3

We will release our open source UI called EtherVision that has no connection to the legacy monetary world and transacts only in Crypto, with the first tokens being SNGLS, DAI, SAI, and ETH.

2021 Q1 - Q4

Research and development on the Content Mining mechanism will be on going through the year of 2020.

2021 Q3*

In Q1 of 2021 we plan on releasing the beta of the Content Mining mechanism.
*speculative time frame

2022 Q3*
SNGLS SHARD & ETH2.0 Infrastructure upgrade

Deployment of the SNGLS shard and updating all the backend to migrate to ETH2.0.
*dependent on ETH2.0 progress

2022 Q3*

After the beta of Content Mining has been running and we have found no problematic edge cases, we will issue the full release.
*speculative time frame

Future Goals


The birth of a new industry is complex and includes many moving parts. snglsDAO is set to achieve the goal of a decentralized entertainment industry together with our collaborative partners.


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